"The maintenence manger, "Fuzzy" was really helpful and nice when I accidentally clogged my toilet" -  Jill H.

"My friends place is further away from campus and totally gross, she's so jealous of mine." - Abby

"My buddies pay almost the same as me and they don't get nearly as nice of a unit as me...." -  Jon K. 

"Thank you so much! I really enjoyed staying in your building, Fuzzy Rules!" - Derek

"Thank you for keeping such safe and updated units, it took alot of worry away knowing my daughter was safe." - Bella H.

"Joan Henry Hall was great! Would keep staying there if i wasn't graduating!"  - Lisa

"...Nice, clean and near campus." - Kyle P.

"I was in 301 N. Main for 2 years, it was my home. I will miss it." - Pete H